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Sessions individually tailored to meet your specific needs

Sessions individually tailored to meet your specific needs

Creating the right approach for you

We understand that you might not know exactly what you need and please don't worry. We will talk everything through and come back with suggestions.

Training is so much more effective when tailored to meet each client's particular set of requirements. Delivering value for money is one of our key principles.

In-person training

Face-to-face training can take place at your office or a fully equipped broadcast studio. For the former, the trainer will typically be accompanied by a professional camera operator so that interviews can be recorded and played back for analysis.

If you would prefer to do the training away from your office, we have access to broadcast studios across the UK, and internationally.

Online training

The pandemic has changed so much in our working lives. For us, virtually overnight it led to new ways of media training.

Training works remarkably well via Zoom. We have run hundreds of these sessions and can provide almost everything previously delivered face-to-face, including recording and playing back practice interviews. There is the added advantage of colleagues being able to join a session from a variety of different locations.

It has also made international training sessions so much more accessible and affordable. Since the pandemic, we have delivered online training to clients in a host of countries including Brazil, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and the US.